23 12 2016

Climateurope has initiated the ClimateArt Award, which will take place
within the  <>
Climateurope Festival, the first of which will take place in Valencia from
5th – 7th April 2017.
During this festival, there will be a series of big events fully dedicated
to furthering the dialogue between science and society.

We are looking for artists inspired by the main themes of the Festival,
which are: water, agriculture and the possibilities of working with climate
information and data to improve the World.

The ClimateArt Awards will use the creative process as a tool to inspire
audiences, to link Science and Society, and to make the environment
personal. We hope these ClimateArt will rise awareness positive action
around the challenges posed by climate change, avoiding any
“end-of-the-world” pictures.

The ClimateArt we are looking for are: paintings, drawings, installations,
music, dance, and theatre pieces that could inspire and be inspired by the
Climateurope theme “linking science to society”.

We are open to diverse creative media, including: 2D works (painting,
drawing, collage, prints, etc), performance art, dance, spoken word, music,
and theatre pieces.
All exhibits and/or performances must be free and open-to-the-public and
artists must be able to come to Valencia (Spain) during the Climateurope
Festival to perform.
Works that do not require or already have necessary permits will be given a
strong preference.

Deadlines for entries is January 30th, 2017.

The Climateurope staff will announce the results of the selection before
March 6th.
Climate Arts will take place in the Climate Festival in 5th-7th April 2017.

You can access to the information about the Call of ClimateArts Awards in
this link:


You can access to the online submission form of ClimateArts Awards in this